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        Care that people love.

        Talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere by mobile app, web or phone.

        What We Do

        We bring healthcare to people where and when they need it.

        24/7 Access

        Virtual doctor visits nationwide.

        Under 5 Minutes

        Connect to doctors quickly.

        Feel better, faster

        No stress, travel or paperwork to get care.

        What We Treat

        Patients use First Stop Health Telemedicine for…

        Convenient treatment of many non-emergency, everyday conditions to help you feel better, faster. Here are a few examples:



        Sore Throat

        Urinary Tract Infection

        Skin Rash

        Ear Ache

        Better Employee Benefits

        Our services are only available as an employee benefit program from employers.

        Learn More

        Targeted, custom
        employee engagement & communications

        Simplified patient experience

        Industry-leading utilization

        Guaranteed employer savings

        What people are saying